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breed to cause or encourage to reproduce. [1/9 definitions]
imitate to reproduce the appearance of; copy. [1/2 definitions]
infertile of a human or animal, not able to reproduce. [1/2 definitions]
kinescope a cathode-ray tube that directs a beam of electrons to reproduce a transmitted picture on a luminescent screen; picture tube. [1/3 definitions]
life cycle the continuous changes undergone by an organism in its development from its earliest stage until it is able to reproduce. [1/2 definitions]
mouse in computer operation, a small hand-held device that can be moved on wheels or ball bearings on a surface to move the cursor on a screen, or that can be moved along the lines of a drawing to reproduce the drawing on a screen. [1/5 definitions]
naturalism in visual art, the depiction of subjects so as to reproduce their natural appearance. [1/3 definitions]
natural selection a natural process of evolution in which the organisms that are best adapted to their environment survive and are able to reproduce, while those that are weak leave fewer or no offspring. (See survival of the fittest).
offprint to separately reproduce (an article) from a larger publication. [1/2 definitions]
outreproduce combined form of reproduce.
photochronograph a former device used to take a rapid series of photographs of the same moving object, so as to be able to reproduce the motion.
photoengrave to produce or reproduce using the technique of photoengraving.
print to reproduce (text or pictures) by transferring ink to a surface by means of mechanical pressure. [3/13 definitions]
print out in computers, to reproduce (data) in readable form on paper, by means of a printer.
procreate to beget young; reproduce. [1/3 definitions]
propagate to reproduce (offspring) or cause to reproduce. [2/6 definitions]
pteridophyte in some systems of classification, a division of plants that have true vascular roots, stems, and leaves and that reproduce by means of spores, such as ferns, club mosses, or horsetails.
re-create to create again; reproduce.
simulate to imitate or reproduce the appearance, sound, or other external characteristics or qualities of. [1/2 definitions]
sterilize to render unable to reproduce, as by removing or damaging the reproductive organs. [1/2 definitions]
transpose to reproduce (music) in a higher or lower key than that in which it was written. [2/4 definitions]