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call for to require; demand. [1/3 definitions]
charge to require (someone) to pay money as a price for something. [2/22 definitions]
claim to require or call for. [1/8 definitions]
command to require and receive. [1/12 definitions]
concurrent resolution a resolution passed by both houses of a bicameral legislative body that is not legally binding and does not require the chief executive's signature.
cost to require as a price. [1/6 definitions]
demand to need or require. [1/9 definitions]
dish (pl.) items such as plates, bowls, glasses, and utensils that are used when eating and that will require washing after their use. [1/8 definitions]
drip-dry to require no ironing if hung while wet and allowed to dry on a line or hanger. [1/2 definitions]
effortless requiring or appearing to require little or no effort; easy.
exact to require, demand, or cause to be given up, esp. by use of force or threat. [1/4 definitions]
expect to consider (someone) under obligation to do something, or to consider (something) obligatory; require. [1/6 definitions]
featherbed to hire or require the hiring of more employees than are needed or limit the production of each, or to be hired as a result of such an arrangement.
fine2 to require a sum of money from as a penalty for a crime or offense. [1/2 definitions]
free enterprise the notion that a capitalist economy does not require government support or intervention, but can regulate itself through the relationships of supply and demand in a freely competitive market.
hothouse a heated glass building used to grow plants that require a constant warm temperature. [2 definitions]
insist to continue to demand or require. [1/4 definitions]
leisure freedom from work or other duties or responsibilities that require time and effort; free time.
mandate to authorize or require, as by law or popular vote. [1/6 definitions]
need to require out of necessity or earnestly want. [1/10 definitions]
overcharge to require an excessively high price from. [2/4 definitions]