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absent not in the expected or required place. [1/3 definitions]
absenteeism habitual or repeated absence from a place where regular attendance is required, such as work or school.
acquit to conduct (oneself) as required or indicated. [1/3 definitions]
airline a system of transportation by air offering scheduled flights between various points, or a business that owns and operates the equipment required by such a system. [1/2 definitions]
angle1 the space between the lines of such a figure as measured in degrees, the number of which reflects the amount of turning that would be required to move one of the lines so that it meets and overlaps the other. [1/10 definitions]
ascorbic acid an organic acid found in many foods, esp. citrus fruits, and required in human nutrition for the production of collagen; vitamin C.
athleticism an athletic quality or capacity, as involved in or required by a particular sport, feat, or the like, or as possessed by a person or animal.
balance physical or mental stability, or the capacity to reach stability when required. [1/8 definitions]
bandwidth the range of radio frequencies required to transmit a certain type of signal.
be used with the present participle or infinitive of another verb to indicate intended or required action. [1/10 definitions]
behind in a position of having progressed less quickly than expected or required. [1/10 definitions]
bonus a donation or payment in excess of what is required, usu. as a reward for exceeding the terms of a contract. [1/3 definitions]
bounden required by law or as if by law; obligatory.
capable having the ability to perform as required; competent. [1/3 definitions]
carload the minimum weight required by law to ship freight by rail at a reduced rate. [1/2 definitions]
carnitine a compound, particularly concentrated in muscle, required for transporting fatty acids into mitochondria.
carotene a reddish orange hydrocarbon pigment produced in orange, yellow, and dark green plant parts, and required in human nutrition as a source of vitamin A.
carotenoid any of several yellow to deep red pigments, like and including carotene, that is found in many vegetables and animal fats and is required in human nutrition. [1/3 definitions]
catch up to reach a stage of completeness or full satisfaction, but later than originally required or intended (usu. fol. by "on" or "with"). [1/2 definitions]
claim title or right to something, such as payment required by the terms of an insurance policy or the like. [1/8 definitions]
compulsory required or obligatory. [1/2 definitions]