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bent1 determined or resolved (usu. fol. by "on"). [1/6 definitions]
coronagraph telescopic equipment that blocks light from a star so that the star's corona and objects close to the star can be resolved.
indeterminate not resolved or settled; undecided. [1/3 definitions]
intent2 resolved; determined. [1/3 definitions]
jam1 (informal) a difficulty or embarrassment not easily resolved; trouble or predicament. [1/12 definitions]
loose end a detail not yet settled or resolved. [1/2 definitions]
outstanding remaining to be settled or resolved. [1/3 definitions]
pleading (pl.) a pretrial proceeding in which claims made by the plaintiff and the answers by the defendant are resolved into an issue for trial. [1/3 definitions]
query a doubt or question that cannot be resolved in one's mind; a mental reservation. [1/8 definitions]
resoluble1 capable of being resolved.
resolvable able to be resolved.
thesis the opening of a dialectical argument or process, followed by antithesis and resolved in synthesis. [1/4 definitions]