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about-face a reversal of one's position or direction, esp. in response to a military command. [1/3 definitions]
adamant unlikely to change in response to any request or argument; firmly decided or fixed; unyielding. [1/3 definitions]
affect1 in psychology, emotion, feeling, or response. [1/4 definitions]
answer an action in response. [1/9 definitions]
antiphon a song or part of a song to be sung in response, often in a religious service.
antistrophe in ancient Greek poetry or theater, the return movement made by the chorus in response to the previous strophe. (Cf. strophe.) [1/2 definitions]
atopy a genetic tendency to develop allergic reactions that is typically associated with a heightened immune response to certain allergens.
call-and-response of or pertaining to music that alternates between one player, singer, or section, and another in a pattern of statement and response.
chemoreception the response of a sense organ or nerve ending to a chemical stimulus.
chord1 an emotional response or feeling. [1/3 definitions]
command performance a performance of a play, opera, concert, or the like that is given in response to a royal request or command.
complacent contented with oneself or one's situation to a degree that prevents self-criticism, further progress, or appropriate response to signals of danger or risk. [1/2 definitions]
conditioned reflex see conditioned response.
conditioned response a response elicited by repeated presentation of a stimulus not normally connected with the response together with one that is, leading the subject eventually to respond to the first stimulus when it is presented alone.
consensual in physiology, denoting an involuntary response on one side of the body to a stimulus applied to the other side. [1/2 definitions]
cortisol a hormone released from the adrenal cortex in response to stress that suppresses the immune system and increases blood sugar. When used as a drug, this hormone is called hydrocortisone.
counter3 to say in response as an opposing argument or verbal return of attack. [1/8 definitions]
countercharge a military ground attack in response to that of an enemy. [1/4 definitions]
counterclaim a claim, esp. a legal claim, made in response to or in order to offset another claim. [1/2 definitions]
counterresponse combined form of response.
countersign a word, phrase, or signal given as a response to that of another. [1/4 definitions]