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concinnity a harmonious or skillful arrangement of parts, as in writing or rhetoric.
hyperbole in rhetoric, an obvious and deliberate exaggeration or overstatement, intended for effect and not to be taken literally, such as "He had a million excuses". (Cf. litotes.)
litotes in rhetoric, an understatement, esp. one expressed by a negation of an affirmative, as in "not the worst book I ever read".
rhetorical of, relating to, or having the nature of rhetoric. [1/2 definitions]
rhetorician a specialist in or teacher of rhetoric.
sophist (often cap.) any of a group of ancient Greek teachers of rhetoric and philosophy, known for their clever, though often specious, arguments. [1/2 definitions]
trivium in medieval universities, the lower section of the seven liberal arts, comprising rhetoric, grammar, and logic. (Cf. quadrivium.)