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ballad stanza a four-line stanza often used in ballads, the second and fourth lines of which rhyme.
couplet two successive lines of poetry that usu. rhyme and have the same meter, and often form a single unit of meaning.
Humpty Dumpty (sometimes l.c.) an English nursery rhyme character shaped like a large egg, who fell off a wall, broke into pieces, and could not be reassembled.
Mother Hubbard a character in an eighteenth-century English nursery rhyme. [1/2 definitions]
patty-cake the first words of a common nursery rhyme. [2 definitions]
rhyme poetry or verse using words that rhyme, esp. at the ends of lines. [3/9 definitions]
rhyme scheme the rhyming pattern of the end rhymes of a poem, usu. indicated by letters to show which lines rhyme.
rime1 variant of rhyme.
rime riche rhyme using two or more words or syllables that are pronounced alike and often spelled alike, but are different in meaning, such as "route" and "root" or "description" and "prescription".
singsong poetry with a monotonously regular cadence and rhyme; jingle. [1/3 definitions]
slant rhyme rhyme in which the sounds do not correspond exactly, such as "eyes" and "light", or "feet" and "ate"; imperfect rhyme.
stanza a group of related lines in a poem that are separated typographically from other similar groups and that often have a regular meter and rhyme scheme.
tercet a group of three lines in poetry that rhyme, or that are connected by rhyme with an adjacent triplet of lines. [1/2 definitions]