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booby prize an amusing prize given to ridicule one who performs worst in a contest or competition.
burlesque to ridicule by means of a burlesque. [1/5 definitions]
butt2 a person, group, or thing that is the target of ridicule or criticism. [1/5 definitions]
debacle a complete failure, often deserving ridicule; fiasco. [1/3 definitions]
debunk to expose or ridicule the falseness or exaggerations of (a claim, theory, or the like).
deride to ridicule or treat with scornful mockery.
derision mockery or ridicule.
gibe to ridicule, taunt, or jeer at. [1/3 definitions]
ha ha used to express amusement, particularly when writing, or to mock or ridicule someone.
jape to ridicule or make fun of. [1/3 definitions]
lampoon an attack through ridicule, as in an essay, cartoon, or comedy; satire. [2 definitions]
laughing provoking or worthy of derision or ridicule; laughable. [1/3 definitions]
laughingstock one who is the object or butt of ridicule or jokes.
make fun of to make (a person or thing) the object of ridicule.
mimic to imitate in a derogatory or derisive manner; ridicule or mock. [1/8 definitions]
mock to express scorn or contempt for; ridicule; deride. [2/10 definitions]
mockery contempt, derision, or ridicule, or an instance of this. [2/4 definitions]
parody to imitate in a humorous way, as in order to ridicule. [1/3 definitions]
pathetic miserably ineffective or inadequate; worthy of arousing scorn or ridicule. [1/2 definitions]
pillory in former times, a wooden structure that had holes for fastening the head and hands of someone who had violated the law and had been sentenced to public ridicule. [1/3 definitions]
raillery good-natured ridicule or a remark featuring such ridicule; teasing.