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air rifle a rifle operated by compressed air, used to fire small pellets or the like.
bayonet a knifelike weapon that attaches to the muzzle end of a rifle for use in close combat. [1/3 definitions]
BB a small shot of .18 inch diameter, used in an air rifle or air pistol.
carbine a light rifle with a short barrel, formerly carried by cavalry soldiers.
cartridge clip a metal container or frame used to hold and load cartridges into an automatic rifle or pistol; clip.
firearm a small weapon, such as a pistol or rifle, from which a shot is fired using exploding gunpowder.
Garand rifle a semiautomatic, clip-fed rifle, which was standard issue of the U.S. Army in World War II and the Korean War; M-1.
grenade a small missile thrown or shot from a rifle-mounted launcher at a target after being primed to explode. [1/2 definitions]
gun a firearm, such as a rifle or revolver. [2/7 definitions]
gunstock the handle of a rifle or shotgun.
M- used with a number to denote equipment produced for U.S. military use, such as the M-16 rifle.
M-1 the basic .30-caliber U.S. military rifle used in World War II and the Korean War, which is semiautomatic and uses a clip.
M-16 the basic U.S. military rifle used in the Vietnam War, which is fully automatic and uses small-caliber, high-velocity ammunition.
NRA abbreviation of "National Rifle Association."
recoil to move sharply in the opposite direction from an expended force, as a rifle moves against one's shoulder when fired. [1/5 definitions]
recoilless designating a firearm, such as a rifle, that is designed to spring back a minimum amount from the force of discharge.
rifleman a person who uses or is skillful with a rifle. [2 definitions]
rifle range an area for target practice with a rifle. [2 definitions]
sight to aim or look through a sight, as on a rifle. [1/11 definitions]
small arm (usu. pl.) a hand-held, low-caliber firearm, such as a pistol or rifle.