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Aladdin in The Arabian Nights, a boy who finds a magic lamp and ring, each of which enables him to bring forth a powerful genie who can grant his every wish.
annular ring-shaped.
annular eclipse an eclipse of the sun in which a ring-shaped portion of the sun remains visible around the moon.
annulus a ring-shaped part, structure, or area.
arena a stage, ring, or other circumscribed area where sporting events or performances are held. [1/4 definitions]
areola in anatomy, a small ring of color, as around a human nipple. [1/2 definitions]
atoll a ring-shaped island or reef that surrounds a lagoon.
bagel a leavened, ring-shaped bread roll with a dense, chewy texture.
band2 a thin strip of hard material, often metal, in the shape of a ring. [1/4 definitions]
bangle a bracelet in the form of a solid ring, usu. without a clasp. [1/2 definitions]
benzodiazepine any of a class of drugs containing a benzene ring that acts as a sedative and muscle relaxant.
capo2 a leader of an organized crime ring such as the Mafia.
chelate in chemistry, of or designating a ring compound that has one or more hydrogen bonds. [2/7 definitions]
chime to ring out melodiously, as a bell or set of bells. [3/8 definitions]
circle any arrangement in the shape of a ring or circle. [1/8 definitions]
clang to emit a clear, resonant sound or ring, such as that made when two heavy metal objects are struck together. [2/3 definitions]
clangor a clear, resonant sound or ring; clang. [1/3 definitions]
closed chain a group of chemically linked atoms that can be represented in models and formulas as a ring or circle.
collar anything that encircles a cylindrical object, such as a restraining ring around a shaft in a machine. [1/7 definitions]
collet a metal ring or rim that holds a jewel or watch spring. [1/2 definitions]
corona in meteorology, a ring or series of concentric rings seen around a heavenly body, caused by diffraction due to fine mist or dust in the atmosphere. (See aureole.) [1/5 definitions]