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heteronym a word that is spelled the same as another but has a different pronunciation and meaning, such as "tear," meaning "to rip," and "tear," meaning the liquid discharge from the eye.
Jaws of Life trademark for an air-pressured tool having a pincerlike device able to rip apart a badly damaged vehicle in order to free a person trapped within.
lacerate to rip, mangle, or injure by tearing or ripping. [1/4 definitions]
tear2 to cause or make a rip in something. [2/12 definitions]
tear up to rip into small pieces or shreds.
tiderip a rip current caused by conflicting tides, or by a tidal current flowing over a rough seabed.
tusk to dig up, rip off, or gore with a tusk or tusks. [1/3 definitions]
unseam to undo to rip apart the seams of.