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anabatic pertaining to wind currents that rise because of heat pockets and the like.
anticlimax a disappointing period of descent or decline in contrast to a previous rise. [1/3 definitions]
appreciation a rise in monetary value. [1/5 definitions]
ascend to go upward; climb; rise. [2/5 definitions]
ascent the act of going up; rise. [2/4 definitions]
baking powder a powder containing sodium bicarbonate and an acidic substance, that serves as a leavening agent in baking by releasing carbon dioxide when mixed with water, thereby causing the dough to rise.
bank1 to form or rise into a bank. [1/6 definitions]
bull1 one who believes that prices will rise in a particular market such as the stock market, esp. one who buys on the basis of this expectation. (Cf. bear2.) [1/9 definitions]
buoyancy the capacity to float or rise up in a liquid or gas. [1/2 definitions]
capillarity the tension between contacting surfaces of a liquid and a solid that causes the liquid to rise or fall; capillary action.
dome to rise or swell in the shape of a dome. [1/7 definitions]
dominate to rise above; tower over. [1/5 definitions]
emerge to rise up from or come out of a surrounding environment or substance. [1/3 definitions]
engender to create or give rise to. [1/2 definitions]
float of a currency, to be allowed to rise or fall in value based on money market conditions, not on a fixed rate of exchange. [1/14 definitions]
flood to rise, overflow, or pour in, or as if in, a flood. [1/8 definitions]
fluctuate to vary or change irregularly; rise and fall. [1/3 definitions]
freeze the halting of a process such as the rise of prices or the manufacture of weapons. [1/16 definitions]
French Revolution the revolution in France that began in 1789 with the people's overthrow of the monarchy, continued with the establishment of a republic, and ended in 1799 with Napoleon's rise to power.
freshet a sudden rise or overflow of a stream, because of heavy rain or a sudden thaw. [1/2 definitions]
germ a rudimentary biological part, such as a bud, seed, or embryo, that gives rise to further growth or development. [1/3 definitions]