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adventurer one who seeks fortune through risky or brave actions; soldier of fortune. [1/3 definitions]
adventuresome willing to try new or risky things; adventurous.
cat's-paw a person exploited by another as a tool or dupe, esp. to do something illegal or risky. [1/2 definitions]
chancy uncertain in outcome; risky.
crapshoot (informal) a risky undertaking; gamble.
dicey (informal) chancy or dangerous; risky.
extreme risky or thrill-seeking, as sports or other activities that involve heights, speed, or dangerous stunts. [1/7 definitions]
flier (informal) a risky venture or attempt, esp. in business or finance. [1/4 definitions]
gamble a risky undertaking; something of uncertain outcome. [1/6 definitions]
hazardous having great or numerous dangers; risky; perilous. [1/2 definitions]
out on a limb (informal) in a risky or vulnerable position or situation; at risk.
perilous causing or involving great danger; risky; hazardous.
precarious so unstable or insecure as to be dangerous; risky. [1/3 definitions]
speculate to engage in a risky business transaction that promises the possibility of large profits. [1/5 definitions]
speculation a risky business venture or investment that offers the possibility of high profit. [1/4 definitions]
stunt2 (informal) an act of mischief or risky misconduct. [1/4 definitions]
ticklish requiring care and tact in handling; risky or delicate. [1/3 definitions]
touch-and-go insecure or uncertain; precarious; risky.
treacherous dangerous; risky. [1/2 definitions]