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ABC soil a soil made up of three distinct layers, the A or top layer being humus and organic matter, the B layer being clay and oxidized material, and the C layer being loose rock and mineral materials.
Algonkian the Algonkian Period, or the rock formations that date from that time. [1/4 definitions]
anticline a formation of rock layers characterized by two downward slopes going in opposite directions from a central crest. (Cf. syncline.)
aquifer a bed of rock, sand, or gravel that can hold great quantities of water and supplies it to wells and springs.
Archean the Archean Period, or the rock formations that date from that time. [1/2 definitions]
arenite sandstone or other rock that is composed chiefly of grains of sand.
badlands a barren region characterized by rock that has eroded into unusual shapes.
ballast gravel or crushed rock under the rails and ties of a railway to increase stability. [1/4 definitions]
basalt a dense, fine-grained, dark-colored igneous rock created by lava flow that is rich in minerals containing magnesium and iron. The most common igneous rock on the Earth's surface due to its high abundance on the ocean floor.
basin in geology, an area where rock strata tilt downward toward a common center. [1/6 definitions]
basset2 an emerging part or an outcrop, as of the edges of layered rock. [1/2 definitions]
bedrock the solid layer of rock in the earth's surface, usu. beneath soil, sand, gravel, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
belay in mountain climbing, a secure projection such as a rock, tree, or the like, around which a rope may be run or fastened. [1/6 definitions]
biotite a mica commonly found in igneous and metamorphic rock, ranging in color from dark green or brown to black, and containing iron, magnesium, potassium, and aluminum.
Blue Man Group a creative organization that provides performance-art theater in the form of a trio of blue-painted entertainers who incorporate such elements as food, odd props, rock music, and audience participation into their show.
boogaloo a popular dance done to soul and rock 'n' roll music in the 1960s.
boogie strongly rhythmic rock-'n'-roll with a fast tempo, often in a blues form. [2/3 definitions]
boulder a large detached rock.
breccia rock consisting of sharp-angled fragments of older rocks cemented together in sandstone, clay, or the like.
buhrstone a type of rock with much silica, used for grinding; millstone.
Cambrian the Cambrian Period, or the rock formations that date from that time. [1/2 definitions]