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beaver1 an amphibious rodent with a thick brown pelt, a wide flat tail, and front teeth used as chisels to fell and strip small trees in the building of its damlike habitat. [1/3 definitions]
capybara a large tailless South American rodent that lives near water.
chinchilla a small South American rodent that resembles a squirrel. [1/4 definitions]
chipmunk a small, squirrel-like rodent with a striped back and bushy tail, found in North America and Asia.
exterminator a person or business employed to destroy insect or rodent pests in buildings. [1/2 definitions]
gopher a short-tailed burrowing rodent of North and Central America that has external cheek pouches; pocket gopher. [1/2 definitions]
guinea pig a small, tailless rodent, often domesticated as a pet or used in scientific experiments. [1/2 definitions]
muskrat a large North American rodent that lives in and near water and has a long, scaly tail, webbed hind feet, and a musky odor. [1/2 definitions]
pack rat a large, bushy-tailed, North American rodent known to gather and hide small objects in its nest. [1/2 definitions]
squirrel the fur of this rodent. [1/3 definitions]