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angle of repose the greatest angle of incline at which sand, stones, soil, or the like will not slide or roll downhill.
bagel a leavened, ring-shaped bread roll with a dense, chewy texture.
bankroll a roll of paper money. [1/3 definitions]
bolt1 a large roll of fabric. [1/14 definitions]
boogaloo a popular dance done to soul and rock 'n' roll music in the 1960s.
boogie strongly rhythmic rock-'n'-roll with a fast tempo, often in a blues form. [2/3 definitions]
bowl2 a large wooden ball shaped or weighted so as to roll in a curved path, used in lawn bowling. [4/8 definitions]
brioche a sweet, airy bun or roll made with butter, yeast, flour, and eggs.
bun a loaf of bread small enough for a single serving; roll. [1/2 definitions]
cable railway a system of transportation in which enclosed passenger cars, pulled by a continuously moving underground cable, roll along rails.
cheesesteak a type of sandwich with thinly sliced beef topped with cheese, broiled on a submarine roll.
cigar a slender, tight roll of cured tobacco leaves prepared for smoking.
clew to roll into a ball. [1/7 definitions]
comb to roll or break, as the crest of wave. [1/9 definitions]
convolve to roll, twist, or wind together; coil up.
croissant a roll, in the shape of a crescent, made of leavened dough or puff pastry.
dredge2 to roll in or sprinkle with a substance such as flour or sugar so as to make a coating.
English muffin a small, round, flat yeast roll, often baked on a griddle, and usu. split and toasted before eating.
folk-rock popular music that combines characteristic elements of folk music and rock-'n'-roll, often using lyrics similar to the former, with rhythm from the latter, as in songs of social protest.
furl to roll up (a flag or the like) around a central axis. [1/4 definitions]
goggle to open wide and bulge or roll (the eyes). [1/6 definitions]