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ampulla a round bottle with two handles, used by the ancient Romans for wine, oil, or perfume. [1/2 definitions]
apple a firm round fruit with succulent white flesh and a red, green, or yellow skin. [1/3 definitions]
apricot a soft round fruit with fuzzy orange-pink or yellow skin. [1/3 definitions]
Arthur in legend, esp. as codified by Thomas Malory in the sixteenth-century Morte d'Arthur, the King of Britain and the leader of the Knights of the Round Table.
bachelor's-button any of several plants with long stalks and round flowers resembling buttons, such as the cornflower and some daisies.
ball1 a round or oval object, either hollow or solid and commonly used in sports and games. [1/7 definitions]
ballot the total number of votes cast in an election or in a round of votes. [1/6 definitions]
bead a small, generally round object, usu. made of glass, wood, or the like with a hole through its center for stringing to make necklaces or for decorating clothing. [1/8 definitions]
beady small, round, and bright or shiny; beadlike. [1/2 definitions]
beady-eyed having or characterized by eyes that are small and round and seeming to gleam in a way that suggests malevolence, greed, or lust. [1/2 definitions]
belaying pin a short round metal or wooden bar that fits into the rail of a ship, and around which ropes are secured.
beluga a white, round-headed whale; beluga whale. [1/2 definitions]
beret a soft, round, flat cap with a close-fitting headband and no visor, usu. made of felt or wool.
Bibb lettuce a variety of lettuce with a small round head of loose, tender, dark green leaves.
bird's-eye any of various plants that have small brightly colored round flowers with petals of a different color than the center, like an eye. [1/4 definitions]
blueberry a small, round, edible berry that is blue or blue-black in color. [1/2 definitions]
brachycephalic having a short, nearly round head, which is eighty percent or more as wide as it is long. (Cf. dolichocephalic.)
breadfruit a large round edible fruit that has a breadlike texture when baked. [1/2 definitions]
buckler a small round hand-held shield.
bud1 any of various small, round parts, such as a taste bud. [1/7 definitions]
bulb any bulging or round part. [1/3 definitions]