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annihilate to destroy completely; reduce to ruin. [1/3 definitions]
ash1 (pl.) ruin. [1/3 definitions]
bane something or someone that causes ruin or great trouble. [1/2 definitions]
baneful causing or leading to death, destruction, or ruin; harmful or deadly.
bankruptcy a condition of utter failure, ruin, or lack. [1/2 definitions]
blast to ruin. [1/12 definitions]
blight to ruin, frustrate, or destroy. [1/5 definitions]
botch to spoil or ruin as a result of clumsy work or poor repairs; bungle. [1/3 definitions]
cook one's goose (informal) to cause one to lose further opportunity; ruin one's chances; doom one to failure or defeat.
damn to cause the failure of; ruin. [1/11 definitions]
dash to make hopeless; frustrate; ruin. [1/12 definitions]
dead duck (informal) a person or thing that is too deteriorated or ruined to be helped or saved, or that is sure to suffer ruin or failure.
decay loss of excellence, health, strength, or the like; state of ruin. [1/8 definitions]
demolish to put an end to; do away with; ruin; destroy. [1/4 definitions]
destroy to damage beyond repair; ruin. [2/5 definitions]
destruction the state of being destroyed; ruin. [2/3 definitions]
devastation the act or an instance of destroying or ruining, or the destruction or ruin thus caused.
dilapidate to let (something) go to ruin or decay, as by neglect, or to become ruined or decayed.
disastrous causing grave harm, loss, ruin, or the like; tragic or calamitous.
downfall a drastic decline in status, wealth, or the like; ruin. [2/3 definitions]
end death; destruction; ruin. [2/18 definitions]