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canard a deliberately false story or rumor, usu. defamatory to someone.
gossip talk, rumor, or speculation about other people, esp. about their personal affairs. [1/4 definitions]
hearsay information or rumor heard from another person but not verified. [1/2 definitions]
lay (something) to rest to authoritatively confirm or deny something such as a rumor. [1/2 definitions]
noise to make known or public; spread as news or rumor. [1/6 definitions]
reportedly according to rumor or report.
rumor to tell or assert without verification; spread by rumor. [1/2 definitions]
tale a rumor; gossip. [1/3 definitions]
talk a rumor; gossip. [1/14 definitions]
trump up to devise or fabricate dishonestly (an accusation, rumor, or the like).