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ars gratia artis (Latin) art for the sake of art.
cooperative willing to work or operate together; willing to do what is asked of one for the sake of a common goal. [1/4 definitions]
discipline punishment for the sake of training or correction. [2/7 definitions]
formality a requirement satisfied merely for the sake of form or custom. [1/5 definitions]
mince to restrain or soften for the sake of courtesy or etiquette. [1/7 definitions]
pious done in the name of or for the sake of religion, morality, or good. [1/4 definitions]
pro forma (Latin) for form; done only as a matter of form or for the sake of appearance.
sacrifice to allow to be taken away, damaged, or destroyed for the sake of some perceived higher good. [1/11 definitions]
self-abnegation a setting aside of one's own interests or welfare for the sake of others'; self-denial; self-sacrifice.
suppose to assume (something) as true for the sake of argument or illustration. [1/4 definitions]