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amniocentesis a procedure for obtaining a sample of amniotic fluid from the uterus of a pregnant female for diagnosis of the fetus.
cross section a representative sample or selection of typical parts that reveals what the whole is like. [1/3 definitions]
demonstrator a sample product used in giving a demonstration of that product. [1/3 definitions]
exit poll an estimate of public opinion on certain candidates or issues that is made by questioning a representative sample of voters as they leave their voting places.
handout a sample or piece of printed matter distributed free of charge. [1/2 definitions]
Nansen bottle an oceanographic device that takes a sample of water at a specified depth.
poll an instance of systematic questioning meant to gather information or sample public opinion. [1/10 definitions]
portfolio the contents of such a case, esp. a collection or representative sample of one's work. [1/4 definitions]
pyx in a mint, a box in which sample coins are kept before being checked for weight and metal content. [1/2 definitions]
random in statistics, pertaining to the selection of a sample of a population, each member of which has theoretically the same chance of being selected. [1/3 definitions]
resample combined form of sample.
sampling the act or process of selecting a small representative set of things or persons from which an analysis of a whole group can be made; selection of a sample. [2 definitions]
smear something that is smeared on a surface, esp. a sample or preparation applied to a microscope slide for examination. [1/9 definitions]
specimen in medicine, a sample of tissue or bodily fluid, such as urine, used for analysis or diagnosis. [1/2 definitions]
statistic any measurable characteristic of a sample, such as a mean or standard deviation. [1/2 definitions]
swab a sample or specimen that is removed with this article. [1/6 definitions]
swatch a small sample or specimen cut from something, esp. cloth.
taste to consume a small amount of food or drink; sample. [1/14 definitions]
trial serving as a sample in an experiment. [1/8 definitions]
try to sample, test, or taste the effectiveness or quality of. [1/7 definitions]