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barbarian a person in a culture believed by those in another culture to be savage, primitive, or uncivilized. [2/4 definitions]
barbaric of or resembling barbarians; savage; primitive; brutal. [1/2 definitions]
brutal exceptionally savage, merciless, or cruel. [1/3 definitions]
brutalize to cause to be savage, merciless, or cruel. [1/2 definitions]
brute savage or cruel; brutal. [1/5 definitions]
brutish being unfeeling, brutal, very stupid, or the like; savage.
farouche lacking social manners, or unsociable in a savage, uncivilized way; wild.
feral of or like a wild animal; predatory; savage. [1/3 definitions]
ferocious cruelly savage; fierce. [1/2 definitions]
savagery the condition or quality of being savage. [2 definitions]
Tartar (often l.c.) one who is stubborn, irritable, savage, or violent. [1/4 definitions]
vicious given to or characterized by violence or cruelty; savage; fierce. [1/3 definitions]
wild savage; uncivilized. [1/14 definitions]