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cafetorium a room or building that is used both as a cafeteria and an auditorium to save space, money, or both.
deliver to set free, release, or save. [1/9 definitions]
grasp at a straw to seek anything, no matter how flimsy, that might save one from a predicament.
grasp at straws to seek anything, no matter how flimsy, that might save one from a predicament.
help to rescue or save. [1/13 definitions]
hoard to collect or save up as a hoard. [1/3 definitions]
Noah according to the Old Testament, the Hebrew patriarch who was commanded by God to build an ark on which to board his family and two of every kind of creature to save them from the great flood that was to engulf the world.
Perseus in Greek mythology, the son of Zeus and Danae, who slew Medusa and used her head with its fatal stare to save Andromeda from the sea monster Cetus. [1/2 definitions]
put aside to save for a future time.
redeem to save or deliver from sin or divine retribution. [1/7 definitions]
rescue to free or save, as from danger or confinement. [1/2 definitions]
reserve to hold back or save for later use. [1/8 definitions]
salvage to save or rescue (all or part of something) from harm or destruction. [1/5 definitions]
save it for a rainy day to save money for future need, rather than spend it immediately.
saving except; save. [1/8 definitions]
scrape to save even the smallest amounts; economize very carefully; scrimp. [1/13 definitions]
scratch to succeed only with difficulty; earn or save barely enough to live (often fol. by "by"). [1/22 definitions]
scrimp to save money in every possible way; be extremely frugal. [1/2 definitions]
SOS a call or signal for help, esp. by the use of the Morse code symbols for these letters, as from a ship in distress (considered by some to be an abbreviation for "save our ship" or "save our souls").
supreme sacrifice the sacrifice of one's own life, esp. to save the life of another.