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accentuate to say or mark with an accent or stress mark. [1/2 definitions]
add to say or write beyond what has already been said or written. [1/6 definitions]
assure to say to with force or conviction in order to create trust or give confidence. [1/3 definitions]
babble to say in an incoherent or meaningless way. [1/8 definitions]
bark1 to say in a harsh or brusque manner. [1/7 definitions]
bid to say to. [1/8 definitions]
blabber to talk or say in a wordy, nonsensical, or indiscreet way. [1/2 definitions]
blunder to say without thinking. [1/5 definitions]
check out to say officially that you are leaving your hotel room and to pay the bill. [1/3 definitions]
chorus to sing or say in chorus. [1/6 definitions]
clack to say with a clacking sound. [1/8 definitions]
compulsion an irresistible impulse, usu. to do or say something opposed by one's rational mind. [1/3 definitions]
count backwards to say or write the numbers in reverse order starting with a given number; count back.
counter3 to say in response as an opposing argument or verbal return of attack. [1/8 definitions]
croak to say with a croak. [1/4 definitions]
dictate to say or read aloud (something) in order that it may be recorded or written down by someone else. [1/6 definitions]
drivel to say foolishly or childishly. [1/5 definitions]
drone2 to say tediously and in a monotone. [1/5 definitions]
explain to say as a reason. [1/5 definitions]
gabble to say in a rapid, unclear babble. [1/5 definitions]
gasp to say while or as if gasping. [1/3 definitions]