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ashram the residence, usu. secluded, of a Hindu philosopher or religious teacher to whom followers come for instruction. [1/2 definitions]
bower1 a pleasant, secluded alcove or shelter created by leafy trees or shrubbery. [1/2 definitions]
cloister a place such as a monastery or convent where people live secluded religious lives. [1/4 definitions]
closet not revealed; secluded; hidden. [1/3 definitions]
cryptozoic in zoology, living in well-concealed places; secluded; hidden. [1/3 definitions]
dell a small, secluded vale or valley, usu. wooded.
glen a narrow secluded valley, esp. between mountains.
hermitage a place where one can lead a solitary, secluded life; retreat. [1/3 definitions]
hideaway a secluded or remote location. [1/3 definitions]
monastic of or characterized by an austere, secluded life such as that led by a monk. [1/3 definitions]
out-of-the-way of a place, remote, secluded, or little frequented. [1/3 definitions]
reclusive tending to separate oneself from society and live in secluded isolation.
remote secluded. [1/7 definitions]
retired secluded; hidden. [1/2 definitions]
seclusion the act of isolating or hiding away, or the condition of being thus secluded. [1/2 definitions]
seraglio in a Muslim palace or house, a secluded court with multiple rooms, such as a harem. [1/2 definitions]