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agent provocateur (French) a secret agent who incites other people to commit acts that will subject them to punishment or prosecution, or who incites others to acts of rebellion or subversion; troublemaker.
amour a love affair, esp. a secret one.
arcane of a secret or esoteric nature; mysterious.
arcanum (often pl.) a deep secret or mystery, as of nature. [2/3 definitions]
Australian ballot an official ballot that carries the names of all candidates for public offices, along with any propositions to be voted on, and is distributed at polling places, to be marked in secret.
backdoor done in secret; surreptitious.
backstage hidden from public or common knowledge; secret. [1/4 definitions]
backstairs secret or underhanded; clandestine.
backstreet originating, operating, or carried out in a secret, often illegal, manner. [1/2 definitions]
ballot the process of voting, esp. by secret ballots. [1/6 definitions]
behind the scenes not in view or on display; in private; in secret.
Boxer a member of a Chinese secret society that in 1900 tried unsuccessfully to oust foreigners from the country.
cabal a small group of people engaged in a secret plot, usu. of a political nature. [1/3 definitions]
cabala any secret or occult doctrine. [1/2 definitions]
camarilla a group of advisors, esp. secret or unofficial ones; cabal.
clandestine planned or occurring in a secret or surreptitious manner, esp. for subversive or illicit purposes.
closeted being in a state of privacy that allows secret discussion.
code a system of symbols used for secret or privileged communications. [1/6 definitions]
collude to act together through a secret agreement or plan, esp. for illicit purposes; conspire.
collusion a secret agreement undertaken for illicit or fraudulent purposes; conspiracy. [1/2 definitions]
conceal to hide from discovery; keep secret. [1/2 definitions]