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ad libitum at one's pleasure (used as a musical direction to indicate that a section so marked may be varied, improvised upon, or omitted, as the performer wishes, or as a stage direction to indicate that the performer may improvise).
aisle a side section in a church, separated from the nave by a row of pillars or columns. [1/2 definitions]
al fine to the finish (used as a musical direction to continue to the end of a repeated section).
ambulatory in architecture, an aisle around the end of a church's choir section. [1/5 definitions]
amen corner in some Protestant churches in the southern United States, a seating section for those who lead the congregation's responses of "amen."
annual ring one of the concentric rings of wood visible in a cross section of a tree representing the layer of growth from one year.
appendix a section with additional material, often bibliographical or statistical, attached at the end of a book, article, or other text. [1/3 definitions]
arbor vitae the treelike structure of the white matter in the cerebellum when viewed in longitudinal cross section.
area rug a rug intended to cover only a specific section of a floor.
article a specific section in a document such as a constitution or piece of legislation. [1/4 definitions]
barrio a chiefly Spanish-speaking section of a U.S. city. [1/2 definitions]
bay window a windowed section protruding from the outer wall of a building, so as to form an alcove within.
bend a curved thing, section, or area; curve. [1/10 definitions]
billet2 a narrow bar of steel or iron, usu. square in section, that is rolled or forged from an ingot. [1/4 definitions]
block a section of a city or town bounded on four sides by intersecting streets, or the distance represented by one side of such a section. [1/19 definitions]
body part a part or section of the human body, such as the arm, chest, nose, neck, or knee. [1/2 definitions]
book a major section of a larger written work, esp. that of the Christian Bible. [1/13 definitions]
book review a publication, or page or section thereof, devoted to such reviews, esp. of newly published books. [1/2 definitions]
breakfront having a central section that protrudes farther than the sides, as on a bookcase or cabinet. [1/2 definitions]
cadenza in music, an elaborate section near the end of a composition, usu. allowing a soloist to display virtuosity.
Caesarean see Caesarean section. [1/2 definitions]