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assure to cause to feel certain or secure. [1/3 definitions]
assured made secure; guaranteed. [1/2 definitions]
bail1 to secure or allow the release of (a person under arrest) by providing bail (often fol. by "out"). [1/5 definitions]
bale to pack and secure (something) in bales. [1/2 definitions]
batten2 to secure or fasten using battens (usu. fol. by "down"). [1/4 definitions]
beachhead the initial position or area that invading troops try to secure when landing on an enemy shore. [1/2 definitions]
belay in nautical terminology, to secure (a rope) by winding around a pin or cleat. [3/6 definitions]
bight to secure with a bight of rope. [1/3 definitions]
bind to make secure by fastening, as with cord or the like. [1/13 definitions]
bolt1 a metal or wooden bar on a door that slides into a socket on the doorframe to secure the door in a closed position. [2/14 definitions]
came2 a thin, grooved strip of lead used to secure a piece of glass, as in a stained glass window.
chain to secure, attach, or fasten with a chain. [1/9 definitions]
cleat to furnish or secure with cleats. [1/5 definitions]
clinch to make certain or final; secure; settle. [2/8 definitions]
clothespin a clip or forked peg of wood or plastic, used to secure clothes on a line for drying.
competition the striving of business firms against one another to secure trade. [1/4 definitions]
confident having full assurance; secure and satisfied. [2/3 definitions]
consolidate to strengthen or secure; make solid or stable. [1/3 definitions]
enlist to secure the services of, as in the military or some cause. [1/2 definitions]
fast1 secure or firmly attached. [1/12 definitions]
fasten to close firmly or secure, as with a clasp, lock, buttons, or buckle. [1/8 definitions]