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acquired immune deficiency syndrome see AIDS.
actinozoan see anthozoan.
activated charcoal see activated carbon.
Acts see Acts of the Apostles.
aedes see yellow fever mosquito.
Aegean see Aegean Sea. [1/3 definitions]
aeropulse see pulsejet engine.
air hole see air pocket. [1/3 definitions]
Aleutian see Aleut. [1/2 definitions]
alkalize see alkalinize.
alphorn see alpenhorn.
alyssum see sweet alyssum. [1/2 definitions]
American Revised Version see American Standard Version.
amplitude modulation see AM.
an see a1, a2. [1/2 definitions]
anemone see "sea anemone." [1/2 definitions]
angina see angina pectoris. [1/2 definitions]
ante meridiem see A.M..
apatosaurus see apatosaur
apostolate the office, duties, mission, or term of activity of an apostle, or, esp., of the pope as head of the Apostolic See in the Roman Catholic Church.
Apostolic See the pope's see or center of authority, believed to have been founded at Rome by Peter.