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aisle a side section in a church, separated from the nave by a row of pillars or columns. [1/2 definitions]
alimony financial support given by one separated or divorced spouse to the other, usu. by legal agreement. [1/2 definitions]
Amish a Christian sect that separated from the Mennonites in the seventeenth century, the members of which advocate simple living and now live mostly in farming areas of the northeastern United States. [1/3 definitions]
apart separated by time or space; at or to a distance. [1/3 definitions]
asbestos one of two forms of a mineral that can be separated into fibers, is not combustible, and is resistant to chemical action, used to make fireproofing and insulating materials. [1/2 definitions]
Berlin Wall a barrier first erected in 1961 that separated West Berlin from East Berlin, eventually fortified and extended to create a border between West Germany and East Germany, and ultimately opened to unrestricted transit on November 9, 1989, prior to being dismantled.
break to become separated into pieces; shatter. [1/26 definitions]
break off to become separated from a larger thing by breaking away. [1/4 definitions]
capacitor a device for collecting and storing an electric charge, usu. consisting of two conductors with equal, opposite charges, separated by an insulator; condenser.
chaff the husks separated from grain by threshing. [1/2 definitions]
cloisonné enamel work on metal, as in jewelry or bowls, with the colors separated by thin metal strips or wire.
coaxial cable a high-frequency electronic transmission cable that has two layers of conductive material, one inside the other and separated by insulation.
column one of two or more vertical sections of a page or chart separated by lines or by white space. [1/5 definitions]
cracked partially separated; broken. [2/3 definitions]
crossfire a volley of projectiles, esp. gunfire, directed at some central point from two separated positions. [1/2 definitions]
cut having been separated into parts or detached by cutting. [1/25 definitions]
detached not physically connected or attached; separated. [1/2 definitions]
disconnected not connected; separated. [1/2 definitions]
disinjunction a separation or disjoining, or the condition of being separated or disjoined.
disjoin to separate or disconnect, or become separated or disconnected.
disjointed separated or cut apart at the joints, as a chicken prepared for cooking. [1/2 definitions]