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beat up to hit or kick (someone) until seriously injured. [1/2 definitions]
computer virus a code inserted into a host program that can attach itself to and seriously damage other programs, including a computer's system.
contemplate to think about deeply and seriously. [2/4 definitions]
desperately greatly and seriously. [1/2 definitions]
down1 earnestly; seriously. [1/21 definitions]
get through to make one's message completely heard and taken seriously (often fol. by "to"). [1/5 definitions]
go for the jugular to attempt to inflict a seriously wounding or fatal blow; attempt to defeat decisively.
go to the dogs (informal) to seriously decline or deteriorate; degenerate.
knuckle down to start working in a concentrated manner; apply oneself seriously.
lighten up (informal) to stop taking something so seriously; make oneself less gloomy.
moth-eaten seriously worn or deteriorated. [1/3 definitions]
mull1 to think deeply about; consider seriously (often fol. by "over"). [1/2 definitions]
overseriously combined form of seriously.
peregrine falcon a very swift falcon whose survival was seriously endangered by the pesticide DDT in the 195s and 1960s.
playfully in a gently humorous manner; not seriously.
poison a substance that can kill or seriously harm living organisms, esp. by chemical means. [1/6 definitions]
roast (informal) to criticize harshly, either seriously or as a joke. [1/12 definitions]
run down to hit and seriously injure (a person) while driving one's vehicle, or to hit and knock over (a standing object) with one's vehicle. [1/6 definitions]
take to heart to regard seriously or with concern.
talk turkey (informal) to speak straightforwardly and seriously, as about business matters.
thought-provoking causing or challenging one to think deeply and seriously.