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antiserum a serum containing antibodies to be injected in humans or other animals in order to immunize them against one or more diseases.
antitoxin a serum containing such antibodies, used to inoculate people or animals against such a poison. [1/2 definitions]
blood blister a blister that contains blood and sometimes also serum. (Cf. water blister.)
complement a heat-sensitive substance in normal blood serum and plasma that, in combination with antibodies, destroys antigens. [1/7 definitions]
dropsy an abnormal medical condition characterized by the building up of watery fluid such as lymph or serum in body tissues or cavities.
gamma globulin a protein in blood serum that contains antibodies used in the prevention of a number of infectious diseases, such as measles and hepatitis.
hydrocephalus a condition, esp. in children, in which an abnormal amount of serum accumulates in the brain's ventricles, causing the skull to enlarge and the brain to compress.
isoagglutination the clumping of red blood cells of a person or animal when transfused with the blood serum of another member of the same species.
polyvalent of an immune serum, containing more than one antibody, each of which reacts to or with an antigen or microorganism. [1/2 definitions]
scopolamine a thick alkaloid syrup used as a sedative or truth serum, or to dilate the pupil of the eye.
sera a plural form of serum.
serology the scientific study of the characteristics and effects of blood serum.
serous like, pertaining to, containing, or producing serum; thin and watery.
serous fluid any of various bodily fluids resembling blood serum.
serum globulin a protein component of blood serum chiefly containing antibodies.
Wassermann test a diagnostic test for syphilis that detects the presence of syphilitic antibodies in the blood serum.