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accommodation settlement; reconciliation. [1/6 definitions]
arbitrate to submit an issue or dispute for settlement or decision by arbitration. [1/4 definitions]
compensation something given or received in return or reparation for something else, such as wages for work or a cash settlement for injuries sustained. [1/2 definitions]
compromise a settlement of differences by partial concession of demands by each party, or the result of such a settlement. [1/7 definitions]
conclude to bring to a final settlement; resolve. [1/4 definitions]
decide to arrive at a conclusion about or a settlement of; determine. [1/7 definitions]
determination the act or process of arriving at a settlement or resolution. [1/5 definitions]
distrain to seize and hold (property), or the property of (someone), to force payment or settlement, as of a debt, claim, rent, or the like.
Eric the Red a Nordic outlaw and explorer who established the first Nordic settlement of Greenland in 985 (b.950--d.1003).
fortress a large, fortified building or area, often encompassing a town or settlement.
frontier (sometimes pl.) the outer or furthest reaches, as of settlement, exploration, or knowledge. [1/3 definitions]
hamlet a small village or settlement.
hammer to construct or bring about (an agreement or settlement) with force and determination on all sides (usu. fol. by "out"). [1/14 definitions]
hammer out to construct or bring about (an agreement or settlement) with energy and determination on all sides.
kibbutz an Israeli farming settlement whose ownership is shared by those who live and work there.
kitchen midden a refuse heap of shells, bones, and the like marking the site of a prehistoric human settlement.
modus vivendi temporary agreement between disputing parties pending a final settlement of the dispute; compromise. [1/2 definitions]
outpost an outlying settlement or station. [1/2 definitions]
plantation formerly, a new settlement or colony. [1/3 definitions]
Plymouth a U.S. town in southeastern Massachusetts. In 1620, English colonists known as the Pilgrims established a settlement called Plymouth Colony in this location, which later became the town of Plymouth.
presettlement combined form of settlement.