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focus an adjustment on an optical device that will sharpen the image viewed. [1/8 definitions]
grind to sharpen or make smooth by friction. [1/12 definitions]
grindstone a stone wheel that is rotated to sharpen implements or weapons, grind grain, or sand and shape items by abrasion.
hone a fine-textured whetstone used to sharpen knives, razors, and other cutting tools. [2/5 definitions]
strap a strip of material, usu. leather, on which to sharpen a razor; strop. [2/7 definitions]
strop to sharpen (a razor) on a strop. [1/2 definitions]
whet to sharpen the cutting edge of (a knife or tool); hone. [2/5 definitions]
whetstone a stone that is used to sharpen knives, tools, and the like.