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boathouse a small building or shed built near or partly over the water's edge, and used to store boats.
cast to cause to fall upon a person, object, or idea; shed. [1/18 definitions]
cry to weep or shed tears as the result of pain or emotion. [1/11 definitions]
dandruff a thin crust that forms on the scalp and is shed in flaky particles.
dealate having lost the wings in combat, through injury, or the like, as certain insects that shed their wings after the mating flight.
deer any of a family of large, swift, hoofed mammals, such as the white-tailed deer or the reindeer, the males of which usu. have antlers that grow and are shed yearly. [1/2 definitions]
exuviate to shed (skin); molt.
hovel a small uncovered shed. [1/2 definitions]
lachrymatory a small vase often found in ancient Roman tombs, formerly supposed to have been used to collect the tears shed by mourners. [1/2 definitions]
larch any of several trees that bear cones and resemble evergreens but shed their needles in fall; tamarack. [1/2 definitions]
molt to shed or cast off an outer layer, such as skin, feathers, fur, or horns, as part of a periodic process of renewal. [3/4 definitions]
outhouse an outbuilding, often a small shed housing an outdoor toilet; privy.
penthouse a sloping shed attached to a wall. [1/3 definitions]
ropewalk a long narrow shed or building in which ropes are made. [1/2 definitions]
seed to shed seeds. [1/9 definitions]
shell to shed or come out of a shell or shells. [1/12 definitions]
slough2 cast-off dead tissue, such as the outer skin shed by a snake. [3/4 definitions]
spill1 to cause (blood) to flow, as in killing or wounding; shed (blood). [1/9 definitions]
sugarhouse a building or shed where maple sap is boiled down to make maple syrup and maple sugar.
unwept of tears, not shed. [1/2 definitions]
weepy tending to shed tears or to cause tears; tearful. [1/2 definitions]