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box2 to employ cleverness, evasion, and anticipation in a boxing match, as opposed to sheer strength or force. [1/6 definitions]
chutzpah sheer audacity or gutsiness; utter nerve.
diaphanous of fabric or the like, almost transparent; sheer; filmy; delicate. [1/2 definitions]
dimity a sheer fabric, usu. of cotton, woven with a fine stripe or check of heavier thread.
georgette a sheer fabric of silk or rayon crepe with a dull, slightly crinkled surface.
highlight to mark (lines of printed text), often with a sheer band of light color, in order to emphasize, or to serve as an aid in remembering. [1/6 definitions]
lawn2 a fine, sheer, woven fabric, usu. of cotton or linen.
marquisette a light sheer fabric of cotton, nylon, rayon, or silk, used for curtains, mosquito netting, or the like.
plain sheer; utter. [1/8 definitions]
rappel the act of descending a sheer cliff or mountainside by means of a double rope around the body that allows the climber to control the rate of descent. [1/2 definitions]
rock climbing the activity or sport of climbing sheer rock faces using special techniques, tools, and safety equipment such as ropes and harnesses.
scrim a thin, sheer, durable cotton or linen fabric of open weave, used for curtains, linings, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
stocking a close-fitting knit covering for the foot and some part of the leg, often transparent or very sheer.
Swiss (l.c.) a type of sheer, crisp fabric. [1/3 definitions]
transparent thin and finely woven enough to see through, as fabric; sheer. [1/3 definitions]
voile a sheer, open-weave fabric made from wool, silk, cotton, or rayon, and used esp. for lightweight dresses or curtains.