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air letter a sheet of very lightweight paper that may be folded into an envelope for mailing abroad; aerogramme. [1/2 definitions]
altostratus a thick dense cloud that forms a uniform gray sheet that often produces precipitation, found at medium altitudes.
bedsheet a sheet to be used on a bed.
brittle a sheet candy made of caramelized sugar and nuts. [1/4 definitions]
broadside a sheet of paper printed on one side only for distribution or posting, or a ballad or satire printed on such sheets. [1/9 definitions]
business envelope an envelope that will enclose a sheet of paper eight and a half inches wide that has been folded twice lengthwise.
carbon paper very thin paper coated on one side with carbon or a dark waxy pigment, that is placed between two sheets of paper and produces a copy on the lower sheet of text that is written or typed on the upper.
clipsheet a sheet of paper containing news articles, features, or releases, printed on one side for easy clipping and reprinting.
cold pack a treatment involving the application of a cold sheet or ice pack to a patient's body, to reduce swelling or relieve pain. [1/2 definitions]
drop cookie a cookie made by dropping dough from a spoon onto the baking sheet, rather than by shaping or rolling it.
duodecimo the page size of a book that is five by seven and a half inches or one twelfth of a printer's sheet. [1/3 definitions]
duvet a bed covering filled with feathers or other soft material and generally having a removable and washable cover so that it can be used as both top sheet and quilt.
expanded metal sheet metal that has been stamped or cut into a latticelike form and stretched, used to reinforce concrete.
facial tissue a soft sheet of tissue paper used esp. as a handkerchief; kleenex.
fiche a sheet of microfilm, resembling an index card in size, that can contain many pages of printed text in reduced size; microfiche.
flashing sheet metal or other material used to reinforce and weatherproof building joints.
flier a printed sheet to be handed out or mailed for advertising or publicity; handbill. [1/4 definitions]
floe a mass of sheet ice floating usu. on the sea, or a detached piece of such a mass.
flyleaf the blank sheet or leaf in the front or back of a book.
foil2 a very thin flexible sheet of metal such as aluminum. [1/7 definitions]
folder a printed pamphlet or circular made of a folded sheet or sheets of paper. [1/3 definitions]