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ashore to or onto the shore. [1/2 definitions]
avocet any of several shore birds with long legs, webbed feet, and a long, narrow, upturned beak.
barrier island a long narrow sandy island formed parallel to a shore protecting it from erosion.
beach the land at the edge of a body of water, usu. sandy and sometimes part of a swimming area; shore. [2 definitions]
beachhead the initial position or area that invading troops try to secure when landing on an enemy shore. [1/2 definitions]
breaker1 a heavy ocean wave that breaks into foam on the shore or at sea. [1/4 definitions]
breakwater a barrier that disrupts waves before they reach a harbor or shore.
coast to sail along a coast or near the shore. [1/7 definitions]
coastland land along the shore or coast of a sea.
crow's-nest a similar platform on shore. [1/2 definitions]
dinghy a small boat used to tend a larger one, usu. as a lifeboat or for short trips to shore and back. [1/2 definitions]
esplanade a level, open expanse of pavement or grass, esp. one intended for walking or riding along a shore.
foreshore the part of the shore exposed at low tide and covered at high tide. [1/2 definitions]
gangway a temporary walkway that extends from a ship to the shore; gangplank. [1/4 definitions]
ice shelf a thick layer of glacial ice that is frozen solid near shore but floats as it extends out to sea.
intertidal of or concerning the section of a shore that lies between the high-tide and low-tide marks.
jetsam objects of this kind, or any ship's parts or cargo that have washed up on the shore. [1/3 definitions]
jetty1 an assemblage of rocks, timbers, or the like that extends into a body of water to protect the shore or a harbor from strong waves or currents. [1/2 definitions]
key2 a low island near shore, as off the southern coast of Florida.
land to come to the shore. [1/11 definitions]
landing craft any of various flat-bottomed boats designed to bring soldiers and equipment close to shore during amphibious assaults.