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decagon in geometry, a ten-sided plane figure.
dreidel a small four-sided top with Hebrew letters marked on the sides. [1/2 definitions]
épée a fencing sword having a three-sided blade and a blunt circular tip guard.
hexagonal of, pertaining to, or being a six-sided figure.
home plate in baseball, a five-sided flat slab of hard rubber at which the batter stands, and which the base runner must touch in order to score a run.
honeycomb a structure of beeswax having many small, six-sided, thin-walled cells in which bees store their honey. [1/4 definitions]
hydra a many-sided problem that persists or grows worse even after part of it is solved. [1/4 definitions]
jerry can a flat-sided, narrow five-gallon container for liquids, esp. gasoline.
lugsail a four-sided sail lacking a boom, the upper edge of which is supported by a yard that crosses the mast obliquely.
Möbius strip a one-sided surface formed by twisting a rectangular strip one hundred and eighty degrees and connecting its two ends together.
multilateral many-sided. [1/2 definitions]
multisided combined form of sided.
occipital bone a curved, compound, four-sided bone that forms the back and part of the base of the skull.
pail a steep-sided container with a handle; bucket. [1/2 definitions]
parallelogram a four-sided plane figure that has opposite sides parallel and equal to each other.
pavilion a light, often open-sided building used for shelter or recreation, as in a park. [1/4 definitions]
ravine a deep, steep-sided cut in the land, esp. one carved by the flow of water.
rhombohedron a six-sided solid figure with a rhombus on each face.
square sail a four-sided sail rigged on a yard that is horizontal to the mast and athwart the keel of a sailing vessel.
Star of David a six-sided star composed of two interlaced equilateral triangles, long symbolic of Judaism and now the official symbol of the state of Israel.
sweeping of contest results, overwhelming; one-sided. [1/5 definitions]