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apparition a startling or remarkable sight. [1/2 definitions]
bead the sight on the front or muzzle end of a gun. [1/8 definitions]
bescreen (archaic) to conceal as if by covering with a screen; hide from sight.
binary star two stars orbiting around a common center of gravity and often appearing as one to the unaided sight or through a telescope; double star.
blear to blur or partially obscure (eyes or sight). [1/2 definitions]
blind out of sight; hidden. [2/12 definitions]
buck fever the nervous excitement felt by novice hunters when they first sight game.
cataract clouding of the lens or capsule of the eye, blocking out light and causing partial or total loss of sight. [1/3 definitions]
clear-eyed having bright eyes or sharp sight. [1/2 definitions]
collimate to accurately adjust the line of sight of (an optical instrument such as a telescope). [1/2 definitions]
conceal to hide or keep hidden from sight. [1/2 definitions]
concealment the act of hiding something from sight, or the condition of being hidden from sight. [1/2 definitions]
double take a sudden second look or other delayed reaction indicating that the real significance of a sight, remark, or situation has just been understood.
espy to catch sight of, esp. at a distance.
eye the organ of sight and the area close around it, including the lids, lashes, and brow. [1/9 definitions]
eyesight the range of sight; view. [1/2 definitions]
fall of the sight, to be directed to. [1/19 definitions]
go down to disappear from sight below the horizon; set. [1/3 definitions]
hemeralopia a defect of the eyes in which sight is normal in a dim light, but extremely poor in a bright light; day blindness.
hide1 to put or hold out of sight; keep from view; conceal. [1/3 definitions]
into thin air out of sight.