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appeal a sincere and earnest request or plea, usu. for aid or sympathy. [1/7 definitions]
artificial not true or sincere; contrived; forced. [1/3 definitions]
be oneself to be natural and sincere in manner. [1/2 definitions]
bona fide in good faith; honest; sincere. [1/2 definitions]
cockles of one's heart one's most sincere and deeply held feelings.
devout earnest; sincere. [1/3 definitions]
disingenuous not candid or sincere.
frank1 sincere and straightforward. [1/7 definitions]
genuine free from deception or pretense; sincere. [1/2 definitions]
guileless without guile; sincere.
heartfelt deeply felt; earnest; sincere.
heartily in a friendly or sincere manner; sincerely. [1/2 definitions]
hearty warm-hearted and sincere; friendly. [1/6 definitions]
honest truthful or sincere. [1/4 definitions]
lovingkindness kindness arising out of or expressing sincere love or affection.
lyrical showing sincere emotion and strong feeling. [1/2 definitions]
plain sincere and open; frank. [1/8 definitions]
real1 sincere; genuine. [1/6 definitions]
remorse a sincere, often painful sense of regret for past misdeeds.
resolution a personal decision to do something made with sincere determination. [1/8 definitions]
shifty not sincere, honest, or trustworthy; evasive or tricky. [1/2 definitions]