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delineate to represent by drawing; sketch out. [1/2 definitions]
doodle a drawing, sketch, or scribble made aimlessly or absentmindedly. [1/3 definitions]
draft a preliminary sketch of a piece of writing; rough draft. [3/16 definitions]
draw to portray something with a pen or pencil; sketch. [1/19 definitions]
layout a sketch or paste-up of printed text, photographs, and the like, as for a newspaper, magazine, or book, to determine the design of the page and the space requirements of its various sections. [1/4 definitions]
memoir an account or sketch of a person's life; biography. [1/3 definitions]
outline a sketch. [2/5 definitions]
rough anything in an unrefined or unfinished state, such as a draft or sketch. [2/14 definitions]
rough draft a rough or preliminary sketch of a piece of writing, or a version still subject to revision.
skeleton a general outline or sketch, as of a plan or a long written work. [1/4 definitions]
sketch to make a sketch or sketches. [1/6 definitions]
sketchy giving only outlines or major points; like a sketch. [1/3 definitions]
skit a short, usu. humorous theatrical sketch. [1/2 definitions]
trace1 a sketch or drawing. [2/11 definitions]
vignette a brief written or musical sketch, or brief film scene, that describes or characterizes a person, incident, situation, or the like. [2/5 definitions]
write-up a usu. favorable report, review, biographical sketch, interview, or the like published in a newspaper or magazine.