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hourglass having a relatively slim waist or midsection; shaped like an hourglass. [1/2 definitions]
Irish wolfhound a tall, slim, strong dog with a rough shaggy coat in shades ranging from white to mixtures of dark gray, and a head shaped like a terrier's.
nail a slim, pointed metal rod, usu. topped by a flat head, that can be hammered into a material such as wood in order to fasten or reinforce. [1/7 definitions]
rattail slim and tapering like a rat's tail.
slender of a person, attractively slim. [1/4 definitions]
slenderize to become slim or slimmer, esp. by dieting. [1/2 definitions]
slim to make or become slim or slimmer (usu. fol. by down). [1/3 definitions]
svelte gracefully slim or slender.
thin having little width; slim. [1/10 definitions]
weeping having slim branches that bend downward, as a tree or shrub. [1/3 definitions]