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arrest to slow down; impede; stop. [1/6 definitions]
brake1 to cause to slow down or stop with or as if with a brake. [2/5 definitions]
decelerate to lower the speed of; decrease in velocity; slow down.
drogue a parachute used to slow down a spacecraft or airplane. [1/2 definitions]
grind to slow down or stop with much difficulty or roughness. [1/12 definitions]
moderator a substance, such as graphite or heavy water, used in nuclear reactors to slow down neutrons, thus increasing the probability of fission. [1/2 definitions]
restless unable to relax, slow down, or remain quiet. [1/5 definitions]
ritard in music, to gradually slow down. [1/2 definitions]
stroboscope any device used to study, measure, balance, or otherwise alter the motion of a moving, rotating, or vibrating body by making it appear to slow down or stop with the use of pulsed bursts of light or by viewing it through intermittent openings in a revolving disk.
wait to slow down or linger until another person catches up. [1/8 definitions]