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bite to cause to sting or smart. [1/18 definitions]
cookie (slang) a person, esp. one considered to be tough, smart, or the like. [1/4 definitions]
doll up (informal) to dress oneself or another in a smart, showy, or alluring manner as for a special social event.
intelligent possessing or marked by a higher than average capacity for learning, reasoning and understanding; intellectual; smart. [1/4 definitions]
rakish2 smart-looking or stylish; dashing; jaunty. [1/2 definitions]
smarty see smart aleck.
spruce2 to make or become neat, smart, or stylish (usu. fol. by "up"). [1/2 definitions]
sting the smart, pain, or wound caused by or as if by a stinger. [1/9 definitions]
streetwise informed about what goes on and highly adapted for survival in a city, esp. the more sordid sections; street-smart.
supersmart combined form of smart.
swank (informal) fashionably elegant or smart. [1/4 definitions]
swanky (informal) elegantly fashionable or smart; swank. [1/2 definitions]
swift (informal) clever; smart. [1/7 definitions]
ultrasmart combined form of smart.
unsmart combined form of smart.
wiseass a smart aleck; wise guy. [1/2 definitions]