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birdlime to smear or ensnare with, or as though with, birdlime. [1/2 definitions]
bloody to cover or smear with blood. [1/4 definitions]
daub to smear or cover with soft sticky material such as plaster. [4/7 definitions]
grease to cover or smear (a cooking pan) with grease. [1/4 definitions]
muddy to cover, smear, or spatter with mud; make muddy. [1/6 definitions]
Pap test a microscopic examination of cells taken as a smear from the cervix of a woman, used to determine whether uterine cancer is present; Pap smear.
smeary tending to smear, as paint or charcoal. [1/2 definitions]
smirch to discredit or defame; smear. [2/4 definitions]
smudge a dirty blot or mark; smear; stain. [3/6 definitions]
streak a long narrow irregular line, mark, smear, or band on or in something of a different color, texture, or the like. [1/10 definitions]
tallow to smear or treat with tallow. [1/3 definitions]
tar1 to apply tar to; smear or coat with tar. [1/3 definitions]