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andantino somewhat faster than andante in tempo (used as a musical direction). [1/2 definitions]
annoyed feeling somewhat angry or irritated.
a trifle a little bit; somewhat; slightly.
backstreet a minor road somewhat distant from major thoroughfares within a town or city. [1/2 definitions]
bitter a dark beer with a somewhat bitter taste. [1/5 definitions]
brackish somewhat salty; briny. [1/2 definitions]
capital letter a letter of the alphabet written or printed larger than and in a somewhat different form from its lower-case equivalent and used to designate a proper noun or initiate a sentence.
C horizon in a profile of soil, the third level, just above bedrock, consisting of rock that is only somewhat broken or weathered.
clitoris a small, sensitive erectile organ of the female genitals, somewhat corresponding to the penis in the male.
comfortable quite sufficient to one's needs; somewhat more than adequate. [1/3 definitions]
cool something that is cool or somewhat cold. [1/15 definitions]
crabby somewhat irritable; bad-tempered.
cross-country skiing the sport of skiing over fields or through woods where the terrain is relatively flat and using somewhat narrow skis that are not attached to the back of the ski boot, making it possible for skiers to lift their heels as they stride forward.
dare (somewhat old-fashioned) to have the courage or audacity to do something (usu. used in the negative or interrogative) [1/4 definitions]
deck an open platform somewhat resembling the open top deck of a ship. [1/6 definitions]
dish a container for serving or holding food, usu. open and somewhat flat. [1/8 definitions]
egghead (informal) an intellectual, considered somewhat negatively.
eggplant a plant cultivated for its fruit, or the dark purple fruit itself, which is eaten as a vegetable. Some eggplants are ovoid in shape; others are somewhat tubular.
farmer cheese a mild cheese pressed from whole milk, somewhat like cottage cheese but firmer and drier.
fattish somewhat fat.
fiddle to use the fingers or hands in a nervous or somewhat aimless manner, usually out of boredom or anxiety and often in an unfocused effort to make minor adjustments or repairs. [1/7 definitions]