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already so soon. [1/3 definitions]
anon soon. [1/2 definitions]
ASAP abbreviation of "as soon as possible" (sometimes pronounced as an acronym.)
by and by before long; soon.
directly soon. [1/4 definitions]
evening star a bright planet, esp. Venus, seen in the western sky at or soon after sunset.
fey (chiefly Scottish) fated to die soon; doomed. [1/3 definitions]
imminent about to happen or likely to happen very soon.
impending threatening to occur soon. [1/2 definitions]
mixed metaphor a combination of two or more metaphors with an inconsistent or nonsensical result or effect, such as, "He lit a fire that would soon bear fruit".
new year a year that has recently begun or will soon begin. [1/2 definitions]
precursor one that comes before and proclaims the arrival of someone or something; indication that a specific event will soon take place. [1/2 definitions]
premature done, occurring, or born before the required or expected time; too soon.
presently in a short while; very soon. [1/2 definitions]
shortly in a brief while; soon. [1/2 definitions]
shower1 a party for someone who is getting married or having a baby soon. [1/11 definitions]
spring tide the tides that occur soon after the new or full moon and have the greatest rise and fall. (Cf. neap.) [1/2 definitions]
summer squash any of various kinds of squash, esp. a yellow variety, that must be eaten soon after harvest.
then soon after; next. [1/6 definitions]
threatened species a plant or animal species that may soon become an endangered species.
untimely too soon; prematurely. [1/4 definitions]