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accelerate to increase the speed or rate of. [2/4 definitions]
accelerator a mechanical device that regulates the speed of something, esp. the gas pedal of a car. [1/3 definitions]
airspeed the speed of a flying object, esp. an aircraft, relative to the surrounding air.
alacrity speed or liveliness. [1/2 definitions]
anemograph an instrument used to measure and record the speed of the wind.
anemometer an instrument that measures the speed and force of the wind.
arista a prominent bristle that extends from the antenna of certain dipterous insects and regulates speed. [1/2 definitions]
at full blast (informal) at maximum speed or capacity.
at full tilt at maximum speed.
ballistic missile a long-range missile that reaches its target by falling freely at extremely high speed along a precalculated trajectory.
battle cruiser a warship of great speed and firepower, with lighter armor than that of a battleship.
Beaufort scale a scale that rates the force and speed of wind from 0, "calm," to 12 or more, "hurricane".
Bernoulli effect the decrease in a fluid's pressure as its speed increases.
beta particle a high-speed positron or electron ejected from a nucleus in radioactive decay or fission.
betatron in physics, an electron accelerator in which the speed of the electrons is increased to high energies, from a few million to a few hundred million electron volts, by the action of a rapidly changing magnetic field.
blue streak (informal) something moving with or as with the speed of lightning. [1/2 definitions]
broadband of, pertaining to, or using a type of high-speed data transmission that allows signals at different frequencies, such as audio and video, to be transmitted simultaneously along a single wire. [1/2 definitions]
build a fire under (informal) to urge to action, speed, or the like.
bullet train a high-speed train, especially one of the type invented in Japan.
capstan the revolving spindle in a tape recorder around which magnetic tape is wound and that regulates the speed at which the tape moves. [1/2 definitions]
career speed of forward movement. [1/5 definitions]