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barbecue the food cooked in this manner, often having a spicy sauce. [2/4 definitions]
caraway an herb bearing clusters of white flowers and aromatic, spicy seeds used as flavoring. [1/2 definitions]
cayenne any of various pepper plants bearing usu. red pods, some varieties of which are very hot and spicy. [2/3 definitions]
checkerberry the wintergreen plant or its red, spicy, berrylike fruit.
chili con carne a spicy Mexican dish of beef and chilies or chili powder, often with beans and onions.
chutney a spicy sauce or relish of East Indian origin made with fruits and herbs.
cubeb a small spicy berry found on certain pepper vines of the East Indies which is dried and used medicinally. [1/2 definitions]
devil to prepare (food such as eggs or ham) by chopping finely and adding spicy seasoning. [1/8 definitions]
ginger the spicy root of an originally Asian plant, often used as a spice or flavoring in cooking. [1/3 definitions]
hot producing a fiery sensation in the mouth; very spicy. [1/11 definitions]
huevos rancheros (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a Mexican dish of fried eggs topped with a spicy tomato sauce and often other ingredients.
kimchi a dish made of spicy, pickled cabbage that is an important part of Korean cuisine.
mole1 any of the thick spicy sauces of Mexican origin having a base of unsweetened chocolate and chile peppers.
nacho a small tortilla chip spread with cheese and sometimes other spicy food and then broiled.
nip1 a sharp taste, as in some cheeses or spicy sauces. [1/8 definitions]
olla a spicy stew of meat and vegetables. [1/2 definitions]
pepper a spicy condiment obtained from the dried, esp. black berries of any of various tropical vines of the East Indies. [1/8 definitions]
peppery seasoned with or as if with pepper; spicy. [1/4 definitions]
piquant of food, having a deliciously sharp or spicy taste. [1/2 definitions]
prosciutto spicy dried ham used in Italian cooking, usu. sliced very thin.
relish a spicy condiment used to add flavor to food, esp. a mixture of minced, pickled vegetables. [1/6 definitions]